Mobile apps have been at the forefront of redefining the way organizations conduct businesses.

They’ve transformed from simply being a strategy to gain more customers to something beyond.

In fact, they’ve become a necessary element of a brand’s digital presence!

So, if you’ve got an app that is solving a particular problem and you’re all set to launch it to make an impact, here’s how you can do it.

And by launching it, I mean you should upload it to the Google Play Store (If it is an Android app)!

And to do that, there’s this one gateway that you…

The app maintenance process decides the lifespan and revenue graph of your mobile app.

But, how much does it cost to keep the app running?

A good rule of thumb is to budget 15–20% of the initial development cost when calculating how much does app maintenance cost. However, it can differ based on the several steps and factors involved in the app maintenance process.

So, the article would enlist all the essential factors and aspects to consider while maintaining an app alongside the cost-breakdown. …

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Are you looking for best writing apps to put your imagination into words or create professional content that is rightly toned and hits the target audience, right?

If you an avid writer like me? you would agree writing comes more like therapy than a hobby. Having the power to give meaning to your words while curating stories and communicating with others is simply a superpower not everyone has.

So, how does a writing app fit in here?

A writing app, in literal terms, is a helpful tool for writers that enables writers to articulate write-ups that are concrete and error-free…

If I ask you to name a few of the successful mobile apps that you use on a daily basis, you would probably come up with a list of the most successful and widely used apps. But what if I told you there are numerous applications that were developed with a similar perspective, but couldn’t do well in the market.

As an entrepreneur, if you are equally interested in the mobile app industry, you would know there are nearly 2.7 billion apps on Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple App Store. But how many have you heard of…

Who doesn’t love watching videos, right? It is undeniable that videos are fun, engaging, and informative at the same time. One of the major reasons for this is that videos are easier to remember over any written text. Also, nearly 80% of people remember the video they have seen in the last month.

The growing trend and preference for videos are why numerous businesses are shifting their attention towards including videos in their business strategy. Talking about numbers, approximately 92% of marketers and businesses now consider videos a must-have for better customer reach.

The image says it all; with consistent…

Ever wondered how free apps make money? There are certain monetization strategies aimed at helping an app earn revenue after the user has downloaded the app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The developers of free mobile applications earn revenue from other sources. So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch a free app and earn revenue from it, this article is specifically for you.

Today, I will explain “how do free apps make money and the monetization strategies you can use to make money from free apps.

I’ll also unveil the great tools that…

Are you searching for an easy way to convert Android apps to iOS? Then this is the only 4-step guide you need.

If you’re about to convert your Android app into an iOS app then I guess your app is among the ones that are famous with the Android audience. Now, it’s a good strategy to examine and study the iOS market before you step into it; because there is a chance your app isn’t according to Apple standards.

A famous example is Instagram, a photo, video, and story-sharing social media mobile app. …

What’s going on with GameStop’s stock prices does not make any sense to many people, especially investors. The poor financial decisions and management led the GameStop stock prices to fall, which raised many professional investors’ concerns.

A 52-year-old individual/investor from Nevada wrote that “I just want my money back, but I know it’s gone.” He had invested $1.1 million in GameStop stocks and lost approximately $850,000 within a week.

It all started when many Reddit users pushed up the share prices of the video game retailer GameStop. …

When developers start working on a new mobile app, one of the biggest challenges is picking the right database, especially when there are so many options for app databases.

The right database helps in developing a mobile app and updating the existing mobile app. The app database determines if your mobile app can handle numerous users (new or old) and regular updates and maintenance.

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