Top 7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development across Industries

Voice assistance helps in finding information

The incorporation of Artificial intelligence in development is a great tool for developers to not only optimize their own experience and process but also create convenience for users by reducing time and effort required to complete a task. The advent of AI has set its roots in our world and for every industry in the market, providing unique solutions to problems they face. By creating convenience and working with efficiency AI has the ability to reduce both time and effort while providing more accurate results by challenging one of humanities biggest weaknesses that is human error.

Precision tasks made easier

In fields with tasks or calculations that require a high level of accuracy where even the margin of error is very less, AI plays a key role in ensuring success. An example of such a field includes space exploration. In space exploration, margins for error are not allowed, and any number that has been placed wrongly could destroy the whole process. The role of AI in processing complex numbers in such an industry is fundamental to ensure no error takes place. With AI, human error is reduced as well as efficiency is promoted. Not only can AI do calculations and measurements better, but it can also give results quicker, which saves both times and avoids mistakes.

Mundane task removal

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been essential in mobile app development due to its ability to carry out and finish tedious tasks that humans would have found to be too dull. AI machines can work for long periods with zero decrease in capacity to be productive through the use of careful and intricate automation. The removal of mundane tasks from human workload creates more time for these apps to take care of more significant tasks. It is estimated that around 30% of someone who works 8 hours a day can be reduced if AI is integrated within our general and professional life. This includes reminders, messages, scheduling and sending invites or emails. While these activities sound small, often end up taking an unnecessary amount of time.


Machine learning is one of the most prominent uses of AI because companies can go through large quantities of data and make insightful conclusions based on the derived information.

For businesses, analytics are important to drive their success and find out where they need to improve. For e-commerce platforms, analytics allow them to understand how their website is doing in terms of conversion rate and what features are responsible for attracting more customers. This allows self-accountability and ability to make changes to your business based on AI-based analysis of your overall performance. This helps you get the insight you require to keep your website trending in the market, the search engine optimization of your website and your products.

Creative development

AI is making its mark on the foundation of applications. This allows developers the room to code creatively. It also speeds up development time, eliminating some manual, time-consuming practices

App developers that understand how to leverage AI will be able to deploy more unique code in a more adaptable setting, providing a great UI/UX experience for the users as they have more time in their hand. This allows developers to use their own imaginations and play around a bit to come up with new methods and new ideas that can better not just an application they’re making but also the process itself. By saving up development time, developers can spend more time on things like trial and error and the creating of different versions of applications or play with the design to come up with the best possible one, something that is restricted without AI as the time and labor involved reduces their ability to do so.


So, AI can be used to curate personalized content as per the user’s point of interest. Machine learning is amongst the most noticeable applications of AI since businesses can filter through vast amounts of data and make clever resolutions dependent on the inferred data.

This is important for businesses because AI can analyze a user’s behavior and determine what that user’s preferences may be. For example, a business can leverage machine learning to help generate more options a customer may like based on previous purchases and consumer pattern. This is where the ability to accurately analyze consumer patterns is important and AI provides a great solution in all e-commerce industries.

Thus, offering personalized content to your clients is amongst the most essential parts of any business since it keeps them connected with your company. With the assistance of AI, you can demonstrate your target audience you’re effectively focusing on what products or services they like and avoid. This sort of personalization enhances the customer experience and improves your brand identity; it also improves user recognition and, in the meantime, drives income.

Convenience for users

one of the ways you can use voice technology is through the integration of virtual assistants. This means allowing your users to activate certain features of your app with their voice through the help of an AI-powered machine like Cortana or Siri.

For users, the physical act of sending a message or searching for a query on Google is slowly becoming an inconvenience. With the rise of Voice integrated assistants, the future of applications is moving towards less dependency on the physical assertion, rather moving towards voice activated task management. This provides convenience for users as well as developers who can use this to reduce the amount of labor they have to put in for a task.

Business response time

For businesses, prompt replies are important as they’re a sign of an active business. Chatbots have been on the rise in mobile technology, with some wide adoption and startup apps within the last year. The popularity of messaging apps is fueling growth, but we’re also seeing it in areas such as customer support for technologies.

Chatbots are a great example, replacing the job of customer service representatives because their nature allows them to reply back instantly. While there are limitations to the use of Chatbots, the future of such AI to read texts as a human would, especially with sentiment analyzers will create a massive influx of Language-based AI in the business world, for emails, customer service, and other related works.

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Shumail Ismail

Shumail Ismail is Senior Brand Executive at TekRevol, a mobile app development company. He is an expert in content marketing, digital media marketing, digital strategies, research & development, and website product development. Shumail is an extrovert and likes to work with a motivated team.



TekRevol prides itself for being the pioneer of App Development Services in the United States. We have been in business since the launch of the first Mobile-app

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TekRevol prides itself for being the pioneer of App Development Services in the United States. We have been in business since the launch of the first Mobile-app