Why a Custom Android App Is Better than a Ready-Made Solution

What is the custom app development?

What are the benefits of custom Android app development?

Latest Custom App Development Trends:

  • Augmented reality apps
  • ArCore Plus is an AR development kit launched by Android. The following are some of the popular AR apps that are on their way to become mainstream in the coming years.
  • More businesses are planning to develop apps like Ikea and GAP that has enhanced user experience while finding space within their daily routine.
  • AR apps that are developed for some specific brand’s customers can help the company better communicate with their audience while providing real-time experience to the app users.
  • Gaming apps are one of the most popular app categories across the globe. AR gaming apps are offering an improved, unique, and more sophisticated gaming experience.
  • Blockchain apps
  • Recently, Blockchain technology has been gaining a lot of popularity, and sooner rather than later, we will see more apps based on this technology changing industries.
  • Blockchain mobile apps have changed the meaning of a safe financial system for users.
  • You should be looking out for more Blockchain-based apps for enterprises and specific industries. These customized apps will make a big difference in smoothening the functioning of companies.
  • With features like high security, there will be more apps in the future that will use Blockchain technology to store users’ personal and other sensitive data. These apps will gain popularity mainly because of the highest security they offer.
  • Instant applications



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